July 12th, 2013


A call to arms (Richard, Tom)

Richard and Tom approached the area just outside the camp. Richard motioned for Tom to join him behind some tall bushes. "We should watch from here a bit before we make our move," he said. From where they were standing they could see most of the camp area. (But not all of it.) Richard was pretty sure they couldn't be seen. "I don't see anyone," he said. He didn't see Ben either. Things seemed calm in the camp. Too calm. It really seemed to be deserted. "I wonder if they have Ben somewhere else?" Richard said. That was certainly a possibility. He looked at the camp again. A few more minutes and then he would make his move.
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"I- I understand the... the need for caution," Daniel said. "B- but we probably don't want to be... running all over the island. We- we don't know when... these men will be showing up, after all."

Kelvin looked at Daniel. "That's a good point," he said.

Nodding, Daniel was glad Kelvin understood.

He realized they shouldn't be running all over instead of preparing. He also believed that knowledge was power and they should know all the options open to them. That didn't mean they had to go and investigate immediately. "It still would be good information to have though." He looked at Sayid. "We should probably hold off on investigating anything for the moment," he said. "Or just send one person for now if you really want to do it."

"Perhaps you are right." Sayid did see Kelvin's point, as well as Daniel's.

Miles frowned. "That doesn't seem too smart," he said. "Haven't you heard the proverb about the house divided?" He looked at Kelvin. "We should all be here ready to fight."

Kelvin turned to him. "That is also a good point," he said. "We don't want to forget about other options though. Fighting might not be the best thing for us when it comes down to it."

"Having a map would still be advisable," Sayid replied. "We'll just have to trust Ben is not lying to us." He eyed Ben.