July 3rd, 2013


Trouble on the way (Kelvin, Sayid, Ben, everyone else)

Kelvin frowned and looked at Ben. He definitely didn't like the sound of that.
"How do we know you are speaking the truth?" Sayid asked. It sounded very far fetched to him.
"He is," Frank chimed in. He'd heard the last several minutes of their conversation.
Sayid looked at Frank.
"Dan here had to give me the exact coordinates to get here," Frank said, indicating Daniel Faraday. "If we'd gone any other way we wouldn't have made it in one piece. It's probably why Naomi's chopper crashed."
"Th- there's no doubt it's- it's why her chopper crashed," Daniel said.

Kelvin nodded. That sounded pretty convincing to him. "That's really good to know," he said. He didn't like to think of the trouble they might have been in without that knowledge. He looked at Ben. "Do you know the route we need to take to get off the island safely?" he asked.
Ben shook his head. "Unfortunately I don't," he replied. "Other people were in charge of that when we used the submarine."
"Okay," Kelvin said. He thought Ben was being honest here.
He turned to Frank and Daniel. "Do either of you know?" he asked. They had sounded like they knew something about it at least.
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