June 19th, 2013


Captive Pursuit (Kelvin, Miles, Sayid, Ben, Charlotte, Sawyer, everyone else)

"That's a good point," Kelvin replied. He knew very well that a prisoner's first job was to escape and he was sure Ben would take any chance he had to do that. "Simple restraints on the wrists should be sufficient," he added. He didn't see any reason to totally restrain Ben unless he gave them trouble. Sayid was pleased Kelvin agreed putting Ben in restraints was a wise choice. But he wasn't so sure simple restraints were sufficient. Ben was a sly one, after all. He thought for a moment. "We still could put him in a tent though. Unless you think it's better to have him sitting out here." Miles looked at Kelvin. "I'd say have him out here," he said. "Then we can be sure he doesn't try to pull anything." "Yes. Outside would be advisable," Sayid agreed. If he was outside where they could see him at all times, then simple restraints should be good enough.
"That's settled then," Kelvin replied. "We'll keep Ben out here." He was glad they were able to come to an agreement quickly on it. He looked around the area. "We could put him under the tree over there." He indicated where he had in mind. "That's close enough to watch him and it will give him some shade." He didn't think they had to be cruel to Ben. "I'll go and get him," he said.
"I'll come with you," Miles added. He thought someone else should be there in case Ben tried something.
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