June 13th, 2013

Look Left

Live in the Moment (Helen>Karl)

"I'm glad you and dad want to get to know me after all this time." He still found that slightly amazing. It also did away with a lot of the hurt he had felt for being abandoned.

"Of course, we do. We never stopped wanting that," Helen assured her son.

Karl felt warm inside again. He was very glad to hear that. "I never stopped wanting to find you either," he said.

Helen smiled again. She'd never doubted that for a minute.

"I never thought it was really possible but I never stopped wishing it would happen." He ate another bite of salad. "This is actually better than anything I could have wished for."

"Me, too," Helen replied. "Me, too."

Karl smiled. "I guess Richard was right about how special this place is and how anything can happen here," he said. He had first been told that when he was quite little and he had never forgotten it.

Helen nodded. It certainly seemed that way.

"I'm certainly glad he was." He ate the last bite of his sandwich and wondered if they were almost ready for dessert.

"Yes, me, too," Helen repeated.
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