June 8th, 2013


Nearing the apex (Richard, Tom)

"I suggest we try diplomacy first. If that doesn't work we can then go to using force." He thought finding out what Ben's captors wanted and trying to reason with them would be a good first course of action. Kelvin and Sayid at least should be willing to listen to him. What happened next would depend on a lot of factors.
"I suppose we can try." Tom wasn't sure how much good it would do, but he supposed it wouldn't hurt to at least try.
Richard smiled. “That’s all I’m asking,” he replied. He knew they may have to resort to violence. He just didn’t want it to be their first option. Despite being outnumbered he thought there were better ways of getting things done. (He was enough of a realist to understand that sometimes there was no other choice. That didn’t mean he liked it though.)
“It may end up being a waste of time but it’s always worth giving diplomacy a shot. Especially with some of these people.” He looked at Tom. “I don’t want anyone to get hurt while we’re doing this. I’d hope the people that have Ben would feel similarly.”