June 5th, 2013


Getting to know you (Karl, Helen)

"That's good," Karl replied. They didn't seem like they were that fancy or hard to make. "I've had them a couple times and liked them." They were very tasty cookies.
"Yes, they are very good," Helen agreed.
"We could try making those sometime too." Either type would be fine with him.
Helen laughed lightly. "Of course." She smiled. "So, what else do you like to do?" She thought perhaps she might learn something new from him the same way he wanted to learn how to cook and bake from her.
Karl thought for a moment. "I like to read and draw," he answered. He wasn't a great artist but he did enjoy doing it. "I also like to do things outdoors like hunting, fishing, and hiking." He thought about the time he had spent with his dad and smiled. "I'm still learning how to hunt and fish properly though." He thought he had done very well all things considered.