May 30th, 2013

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Girding for Battle (Tom>Richard)

"It's important that you try this," Richard said. "If our minds aren't clear it could be disastrous when it comes to facing the enemy. We'll likely be outnumbered and we need every advantage we can muster.

"Okay, fine," Tom replied. "Let's get going again, then." They had stopped while they discussed things and he wanted to hurry along.

"Okay." Richard adjusted his pack and they started walking again. "While we're going you can also be aware of how you're walking," he said.

"How I'm walking?" Tom said.

He subtly changed his own stride. "Try to walk more lightly, on the balls of your feet." He looked at Tom. "That will allow you to move more quietly. It also will help in not leaving tracks."

"Okay," Tom replied. "I'll try."

Richard smiled. "Great. That's all I'm asking you to do." He was glad Tom was willing to give his ideas a chance.

"Show me what to do again," Tom said.

He demonstrated the way of walking again. "Look at the way I'm walking and copy that," he said. "It may feel awkward at first but you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly and then it will feel like second nature."

Tom attempted to follow Richard's lead, but felt awkward doing so. "How's this?" he asked doubtfully.

Richard watched Tom for a bit. "That's not bad," he said. It wasn't perfect but it was good for a first try.

Smiling, Tom felt relieved to hear that. "Good."

"You've got the basics down." He demonstrated the walk again. "Keep at it a bit and it will start to feel more natural." He smiled. "It doesn't have to be perfect. Even doing it somewhat will help a whole lot."

Tom nodded. "Okay."
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Fight or Flight (Kelvin, Sayid, Sawyer, Frank, Miles, Charlotte, Daniel, Ben)

The sun hung high in the sky and cast dappled shadows on the jungle floor. Kelvin sliced the mango he was eating and took a bite. The group that had gone to see about the chopper had returned several minutes before. Now they, and everyone else there were having lunch. "How did it go?" Kelvin asked. They seemed in good spirits when they returned so he hoped that meant good news.
Things had been relatively quiet on their end. Ben hadn't said much. He also hadn't made Kelvin want to slap or muzzle him so in that respect he thought they were doing quite well. It remained to be seen what everyone else had to report.
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