May 29th, 2013

Look Left

Lunch Break (Helen>Karl)

"I'm very happy to call you mom and have you in my life," he said. He had been hurt at first because he had felt abandoned. Now that he knew the true story he was just happy to have his family back in his life.

"You don't know how happy I am to hear that," Helen murmured. Tears had sprung to her eyes and she quickly wiped them away. "Perhaps we should get going before we're standing out here all day." She laughed softly.

Karl hugged Helen.

A bit surprised, Helen returned Karl's hug, wrapping her arms tightly around him. She loved him so much.

He felt warm and fuzzy inside. He thought about what else she had said. "That's a good idea," he said. He didn't want their lunch to spoil or get too warm.

Helen smiled at her son and then released him. "Okay."

They started walking again. "It's not too much farther." He led her down a path lined with vines. "Once we get through here we just take a right and we'll be there."

"Wonderful," Helen replied. She was looking forward to seeing the area Karl had selected. However, she was especially looking forward to spending this time with him.

They continued walking down the path and stepped out into the clearing at the end. They turned right and walked a short distance. "Here we are."

Helen gasped softly. "It's beautiful."

They were in a clear area with a stream with big rocks for sitting on along it's banks. Flowers grew all around and trees provided shade. "Why don't we sit by the stream to eat," Karl suggested. He thought the view would be lovely and they could set their lunch on one of the rocks.

"That sounds perfect." Helen started in that direction.
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