May 15th, 2013


On The Road (Richard, Tom)

"I'll also need a weapon." He knew Tom had a gun already. "Do you have any others around here?" If he didn't he could always go to his house and get one. It would save time if he didn't have to do that though.
Tom had started to search for the matches, but turned when Richard said he needed a gun. He wasn't completely sure he wanted Richard to carry, but decided it might come in handy for both of them to be armed. "I have another one you can use." He found the matches and then went to get a second gun, placing it on the table in front of Richard.
Richard picked up the gun and looked it over. He checked to be sure it was loaded and tucked it into his belt. "Thanks," he said. He was glad Tom had trusted him enough to give him a gun. (He wouldn't put it past him to give him an unloaded one though. That was partly why he had checked it.)
He looked at the bags of supplies on the table. "Where do you keep the first aid supplies?" he asked.