May 1st, 2013


Food for the Souul and Body (Locke>Karl)

"What do you think we should have along with the sandwiches?" he asked. He thought some kind of salad would be nice and maybe something like chips if they had any.

"I saw some potatoes over there," Locke replied, pointing. "How about a potato salad? And we could look around for some greens for some kind of green salad, as well."

Karl looked at Locke. "That sounds good to me," he said. He thought salads went well with sandwiches, especially for lunch.

"Great," Locke said with another smile.

"I love potato salad." It was one of his favorite summer dishes.

"Even better." Locke found a pot to use to boil the potatoes and filled it with water.

"I hope mom likes it too." He thought it was likely that she would.

"Oh, she does," Locke replied, placing the pot on the stove and turning it on. At least, she used to. "Let's pick out some potatoes."
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The Undertaking (Richard, Tom)

"That's good," Richard replied. He wasn't sure if it really was but he didn't want to let Tom know that. "Somebody should go after them then," he added.
"Of course they should," Tom replied.
"The sooner the better." He also had mixed feelings about that since it would be harder to find Ben if they waited a bit. He was curious what was going on though and wanted to find out more about it.
Tom was well aware of that, too. He decided the compound would run just fine without him and he would go look for Ben. "I'll have someone bring you your breakfast." He started for the door.
Richard looked at Tom. "Wait," he said. "You shouldn't go on your own." He knew he only had a short time to convince him. "You need to take me with you." He paused. "I know these islands better than almost anyone," he said. "I can show you a way to get to the survivors camp faster." He hoped that would make some impact on Tom.