April 17th, 2013


An Explosive Situation (Frank>Charlotte, Daniel and Sawyer)

"Did you find anything else," Charlotte asked Frank.

"There's a couple of flashlights," Frank replied. He came to a rather large metal box which was locked. "Strange. I don't remember seeing this before.".

Charlotte went over and looked at the box. "I've never seen it either," she said. That she hadn't wasn't very surprising. That Frank didn't know what it was was a different story. (She had thought he knew everything that was in the chopper.)

Frank stroked his beard, contemplating the situation.

She frowned. "I wonder what's inside." She looked at the lock. "Is there any way to open that?" She thought it would be too convenient if there was a key lying around somewhere.

"Believe it or not, it looks like one of those very basic locks," Frank said. "I might be able to just jimmy it open." He searched for the toolbox and pulled out a flat-headed screwdriver. A few seconds later, he popped it open. Smiling at Charlotte, he then opened the box. He whistled at what he found inside. "Would you look at that. Just look at that."

Charlotte looked in the box. There were blocks of a smooth, grey substance. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked. She didn't know much about weapons but she was pretty sure they were looking at a good bit of C4.

"Yep, I'd say it is," Frank replied. He'd gone through extensive training as a pilot and knew all about what different explosives looked like.

She wondered what it was doing on the chopper and who had put it there. (Thinking about it, she had a pretty short list of suspects but she couldn't be sure of who had done it.)

Frank shook his head. "What on earth?"

"Whatcha got, Hoss?" Sawyer had begun to wonder what was taking so long and had boarded the helicopter. He approached Frank and Charlotte and peered into box. It was his turn to whistle. "Well, lookee there. Someone means some serious bizness."
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