March 20th, 2013


An attitude of gratitude (Desmond, Locke, Karl)

"That's a good point," Karl replied. He actually hadn't thought of that. Now that it had been brought up he realized that it made a lot of sense. "I wasn't thinking about that."
"Hate to burst your bubble," Locke said.
Desmond smiled. "It's no problem," he said. "And it still would be kind of cool if we found money. Especially if it was gold coins or something unusual like that." He wasn't sure what they would do with gold coins on the island but he liked the idea of finding pirate treasure or something like that. "I'm not sure how useful it would be though."
"Well, we'll find out tomorrow, right?" Locke had put his pack back on. "You two ready to head back?"
"We certainly will," Desmond said. He looked at Locke. "I'm ready to go." He put his pack on.
Karl did the same. "I'm ready too," he said.
They checked the area to be sure they hadn't left any evidence of their being there and started for the path. "Who wants to make the marks on the trees?" Desmond asked.