February 28th, 2013


On The Hunt (Karl, Desmond, Locke)

"That is a good idea," Karl added. It definitely seemed like a nice gesture on their part. He also thought his mom hadn't been upset when they parted. "Mom seemed pleased we were spending time together," he said. "That doesn't mean a thank you wouldn't be appreciated though."
"I know she didn't seem upset," Locke replied. "But I think she was probably disappointed. I know she was looking forward to spending some time with you. So, I think a little more than a thank you might be in order." He smiled at Karl again.
Karl thought about that and realized that Locke was right. "That's true," he replied. He hoped he didn't seem ungrateful when he had suggested just a thank you. He wasn't sure what would be better though.
He looked at Locke. "Did you have something in mind?" he asked. He was open to any ideas.