February 20th, 2013

Black and White

Storm Rising (Sawer>Charlotte, Daniel and Frank)

"And when is this posse expected to arrive?" Sawyer asked.

Charlotte thought about that. Miles had said he thought they would be moving soon but he hadn't said anything very definite. "I can't say with certainty," she said.

Sawyer wasn't surprised to hear that. It wasn't like these vigilantes were going to let her in on their plan, after all.

"I have reason to believe it will be in the next couple days though." It made sense that they would be moving sooner rather than later. Even if they weren't coming that soon it would be good to be prepared. Not to mention she hoped the sense of urgency might make Sawyer more cooperative.

Nodding, Sawyer knew he probably couldn't argue that point. He couldn't see why they would wait, after all.
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