February 14th, 2013

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Treasure Island (Locke>Karl, Desmond)

"Why don't you go with them," she suggested.

"Yeah?" Karl replied, surprised Helen had suggested it.

She looked at Locke and Desmond. "If that's okay, of course." It sounded like Karl was rather interested in the map and there would be plenty of time for the two of them to get together again. "We can get together another time."

"We'd love to have him join us," Locke said. "If you would like to," he said to Karl.

"Well, yeah, sure," Karl said. He looked at his mother. "Are you sure?" The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her feelings.

Helen looked at Karl. "Yes. I'm sure," she replied. "You go and have a good time." She was slightly disappointed they wouldn't be spending the afternoon together but she was more happy to see Karl excited about something and she knew he would have a good time with Locke and Desmond.

"Okay," Karl said. "Thanks."

She smiled. "I hope you have a wonderful adventure and you find something good at the end of the map."

Locke was thrilled Karl would be joining them and that Helen was okay with it. He put his arm around son's shoulders. "Thank you," he said to Helen. He smiled.

Helen smiled at Locke. "Don't mention it," she replied. "I'm happy to see Karl excited about something and that the three of you will be spending time together."

"Thanks," Locke repeated. He was looking forward to spending more father and son time with Karl and for him to get to spend more time with Desmond.

She was glad Karl felt so comfortable with them and they with him. "Have fun and be safe." She smiled at Karl and Desmond as well.
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