February 13th, 2013


The Die is Cast (Charlotte, Daniel, Frank, Sawyer)

Charlotte thought of something else. "Regardless, we still need to get word to Kelvin and Sayid." It seemed like they were back at square one and now had an unwelcome guest.
"I'm sure Jack can handle passing along that message," Sawyer replied. "But if you think I'm letting any of you sneak off to the chopper alone, ye'r sadly mistaken."
Charlotte was beginning to get annoyed. "We weren't sneaking anywhere," she replied. If they had meant to sneak off they would have avoided talking to anyone or being noticed. "Not to mention, unless we are now prisoners we can go where we want and with whom we want." Despite his big talk he didn't have any authority over them.
She smiled. "I also think you will find it quite dull." She doubted Frank would let him near the chopper's engines and there wasn't much else to do in that area.

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