February 6th, 2013


On The Trail (Desmond, Locke, Helen, Karl)

Helen looked at Locke. "That sounds exciting," she said. "Your own little adventure."
"Yep," Locke replied with a smile.
Desmond nodded. "Ay. 'Tis certainly an adventure," he replied. "Although we're not very far into it." He smiled at Helen. "Are ye just out for a walk?" he asked her.
She shook her head. "Not exactly. I'm on my way to meet up with Karl." They would probably be going for a stroll together. At the moment that wasn't what she was doing though.
"Where's Karl meeting you?" Locke asked, curious what they were going to do when they met up.
"We're supposed to meet at a lagoon not far from here," Helen replied. "Lennon told me about it. It sounded like a lovely place to visit and sit and talk."
"That does sound luvley," Desmond replied. "Ye're just going to talk, yeah?"
Helen looked at Desmond. "For some of the time anyway," she replied. "We'll probably go for a walk as well."

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