January 27th, 2013

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Treasure Hunt (Locke>Desmond and Helen)

"How long do ye think this map has been hidden in the library?" he asked Locke. "It looks bloody old to me." He didn't expect Locke to be able to tell him with any certainty. He just thought it was interesting to conjecture about.

"It does," Locke agreed. "I couldn't begin to guess how long." If Richard was around, he thought he might be able to tell them the age of the map. The thought caused him to frown.

Desmond looked at Locke. He noticed his frown and wondered if he was as puzzled by the map as he was. "It's quite a puzzle, yeah?" he said.

Locke had his mind on Richard and didn't really hear what Desmond said, therefore answering absentmindedly, "Yeah."

He thought about the map some more. "I can't guess either but it looks to me like it's at least a hundred years old. (The yellowing of the paper and fading of the ink made him think that. The writing and decoration reminded him of illuminated books from the middle ages, although he doubted the map was quite that old.) "Someone must have not wanted it to be found," he added. (Why else would it be hidden away?) "Maybe we'll find out why when we see where it leads to."

"What's that?" Locke replied, when he realized Desmond had stopped talking and was probably waiting on him to respond. "I'm sorry, I was distracted."

Desmond frowned slightly. It wasn't like Locke to miss what he said. "I was just saying that I thought someone didn't want the map to be found," he said. "They certainly hid it well."

"Yes, that's probably true," Locke replied to Desmond.

He looked at Locke. "Are ye okay?" he asked. The more he thought about the past few minutes the more distracted Locke seemed. "Is something on yer mind?"

"When you asked how old the map was, I thought, if anyone would know, Richard probably," Locke explained. "And then it reminded me where we last saw him. I'm just concerned about him is all." He managed a smile.
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