January 10th, 2013


Crossing the Line (Tom>Miles, Kelvin, Daniel, Charlotte, Ben)

Kelvin continued to hold his gun. "I think the two of you should put down your guns first," he said. Their group did have the advantage after all. (He also didn't put it past the two men, Price especially to take a cheap shot once their weapons were lowered.)

Without lowering his weapon, Tom said, "There is no need to leave the compound in order to have privacy." Once Ben was taken from the island it would that much harder to get him back and protect him.

Miles was getting frustrated. Why wouldn't these clowns just let them go? He frowned. "We say there is a need," he said. He wanted to be as far away from these people as possible before talking to Ben.

Tom was sure Miles did think there was a need, but he was hardly ready to just allow them to walk off with Ben.

"We also want to be on neutral territory," Kelvin said. He knew Tom wouldn't go for Miles' strong arm tactics. (Even though he had to agree with them.)

"He hasn't been harmed and he won't be if you don't interfere with us." Kelvin didn't want to hurt Ben unless he was left with no other choice. He believed Miles felt the same way.

"Why should I trust you?" Tom asked. After all, if they meant no harm to Ben, why did they have to take him by gunpoint?
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