January 2nd, 2013


The Plot Thickens (Kelvin, Miles, Charlotte, Sayid, Daniel, Ben, Tom)

Kelvin led Daniel across the room to an area near the back wall. He felt around a bit on the floor and pulled up a square panel exposing a variety of wires and cables. "The small, multicolored cables you don't want to touch," he said. He looked at the wires. "You want to cut a thick blue cable and a slightly thinner yellow one." He squatted down and moved some wires out of the way.
Squatting next to Kelvin, Daniel looked at the wire he indicated. Then he pulled out the knife he'd been given. Reaching for the thick blue wire, he looked at Kelvin, who nodded, and cut the wire, before locating the yellow wire and doing the same to it.
Kelvin watched Daniel and nodded. "Good job," he said.
He tucked the cut wires under the others and replaced the panel. "We should be finished here," he said.
They rejoined the rest of the group. "Let's get going." He started to lead them towards the door. The sooner they were away from there the better he would feel.

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