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Collision Course (Kelvin, Ben, Sayid, Tom, Richard, Rest of the group)

Kelvin looked at Ben. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," he said. "It's good to have that information though." He thought anything they knew would help them even if they didn't actually use that knowledge.
In their hiding place
Richard crouched next to Tom and looked out at the camp. This time he could see a few people moving about. "They are here," he said.
Nodding, Tom could also see the people. His heart pounded, wondering where Ben was. If he was even there.
He didn't see Ben though. "I don't see Ben with them. At least not yet." He looked a bit more. "They must have him stashed somewhere." That made sense the more Richard thought about it. (Leaving him out in the open wouldn't be very secure.) He looked at Tom. "I'm sure he's there though."
"What now?" Tom asked.
Richard looked at Tom. "Now we wait," he said. "We need to see more of what is going on." He thought they should observe a bit more before doing anything.
A short time later he stood and stretched. "I think you should stay here," he said. " I have a good feel for things now and I'm going to enter the camp." He smiled at Tom. "Don't forget the signal we discussed. We may have to use it." He took a deep breath and headed for the camp.

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