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Q & A (Sayid>Ben, Kelvin, etc...)

"Go on, get inside," Sayid directed, holding open the tent where Ben was to be kept.

Ben smirked at Sayid and walked into the tent. He held out his bound hands. "Are you going to remove these?" he asked.

"What do you think?" Kelvin replied.

Sayid had been about to say the same thing. when Kelvin beat him to the punch.

Ben frowned. "Of course you won't." He looked at Kelvin. "You will be sorry for this."

Kelvin smirked. "Your threats don't bother me." He looked at Ben. "You're just talking all this big talk to make up for some shortcomings in other areas."

Ben glared and balled his hands into fists. "I could also say the same about you," he said. He wanted to do more but couldn't while his hands were restrained.

Once Ben was inside, Sayid tied back the flaps to the tent and sat inside, as well. They'd decided to put Ben inside a tent after all, but sit just inside to keep an eye on him.

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