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Keeping the Faith (Locke>Karl, Desmond)

"Why didn't you help Richard?" If they had seen him there how could they have just left him? Karl couldn't imagine them doing that. At the same time he couldn't think of another explanation.

"We wanted to, Karl," Locke said. "But Richard asked us not to interfere." He knew that probably sounded far fetched, but he hoped he could convince his son it was true. "Believe me, we did want to help." He just hoped they hadn't made things worse.

Karl looked at Locke. "Richard asked you not to help him?" he repeated.

"I'm afraid so," Locke replied.

He couldn't understand why Richard would have turned down help if it was offered. He knew he wouldn't. He also didn't think Locke would lie to him.

Desmond looked at Karl. "Ay. He told us he could handle things and that we should go," he said. He didn't know if Karl would like the sound of that but it was the truth.

"Did he tell you why?" Karl was feeling a mixture of fascination and confusion. He hoped some of his questions would get cleared up.

"Well, he said," Locke licked his lips. "He said it was complicated and he could handle it himself."

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