The die is cast (Kelvin, Ben, Tom, Group)

Kelvin shrugged. "It really doesn't matter to me either way," he said. At first he had wanted Tom gone but now he thought it didn't make much difference if he was there or not.
This wasn't any surprise to Tom.
"As long as you don't interfere with our plans you're welcome to stay here. If you can't abide by that then it would be good if you leave." Kelvin could deal with Tom being part of their group with no problem. Interference however was a whole different thing.
Tom scowled at Kelvin. He looked at Ben, disappointed he hadn't tried to convince him to stay.

Ben looked at Tom. He had thought Tom would definitely have some choice words for Kelvin. He frowned. "I intend to stick to what I agreed to. I'd hope you would join me but I can't make you." He paused. "Considering what we're up against it seems the most prudent choice."
Kelvin also looked at Tom. He too had been expecting some kind of response. "What do you say?" he asked. "Have you made up your mind?"
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On Mutual Ground (Tom>Ben, Sayid, Kelvin, etc...)

"There is danger coming to the island and it seemed the prudent thing to work with them rather than going on my own."

Richard frowned. What was Ben talking about? "What kind of danger are you referring to?" he asked. He didn't know about anything like that.

Tom was wondering the same thing.

"The danger is some very hostile people coming to the island," Ben said. "They were brought here on a freighter that is anchored somewhere close to the island." (Ben didn't know their exact location but he assumed it was close.) "Their mission as I understand it involves killing anyone who gets in their way."

"What?" Tom's mouth dropped and he quickly snapped it shut. "Are you sure?"

Ben nodded. "Yes. I am," he said. He was as sure as he could be anyway.

Nodding, as well, Tom accepted Ben's reply. Although, he still wondered if it was a ploy.

"We have it on good authority," Kelvin added. "Plus, we recently found something that backs that up." Seeing the explosives had removed any doubt he had about what Miles had told them.

Tom turned his attention to Kelvin.

Kelvin looked at Tom and Richard. "You are likely in danger as well," he said. They were on the island so they were in the same boat as the rest of them.

"And what do you plan on doing about it?" Tom asked.

Kelvin looked at Tom. "We plan on fighting them if we can," he said. "If that doesn't work our plan B is to leave the island." Hearing those plans spoken he wondered if they would be enough. There weren't really many other options so they had to be.

Leave the island? Tom wondered how they planned on doing that.

"This area is easy to defend and we have the element of surprise." They also had the explosives and traps they planned to set. Kelvin thought they at least stood a chance.

"I would like to speak with Ben," Tom then said. "Alone."

Sayid didn't like that idea. Not at all. He looked from Tom to Kelvin.

Kelvin raised an eyebrow. "You're welcome to talk to him," he said. He couldn't see any reason to deny that.

Tom was glad to hear that, but had a feeling there was more to it.

"But anything you have to say can be said in front of all of us." Right now wasn't the time for secrecy. (Not to mention he didn't trust them not to try something.) "Those are our terms. Take them or leave them."

And there it was. "If he is working with you, then it shouldn't be a problem," Tom refuted.
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Collision Course (Kelvin, Ben, Sayid, Tom, Richard, Rest of the group)

Kelvin looked at Ben. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," he said. "It's good to have that information though." He thought anything they knew would help them even if they didn't actually use that knowledge.
In their hiding place
Richard crouched next to Tom and looked out at the camp. This time he could see a few people moving about. "They are here," he said.
Nodding, Tom could also see the people. His heart pounded, wondering where Ben was. If he was even there.
He didn't see Ben though. "I don't see Ben with them. At least not yet." He looked a bit more. "They must have him stashed somewhere." That made sense the more Richard thought about it. (Leaving him out in the open wouldn't be very secure.) He looked at Tom. "I'm sure he's there though."
"What now?" Tom asked.
Richard looked at Tom. "Now we wait," he said. "We need to see more of what is going on." He thought they should observe a bit more before doing anything.
A short time later he stood and stretched. "I think you should stay here," he said. " I have a good feel for things now and I'm going to enter the camp." He smiled at Tom. "Don't forget the signal we discussed. We may have to use it." He took a deep breath and headed for the camp.
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(no subject)

"I- I understand the... the need for caution," Daniel said. "B- but we probably don't want to be... running all over the island. We- we don't know when... these men will be showing up, after all."

Kelvin looked at Daniel. "That's a good point," he said.

Nodding, Daniel was glad Kelvin understood.

He realized they shouldn't be running all over instead of preparing. He also believed that knowledge was power and they should know all the options open to them. That didn't mean they had to go and investigate immediately. "It still would be good information to have though." He looked at Sayid. "We should probably hold off on investigating anything for the moment," he said. "Or just send one person for now if you really want to do it."

"Perhaps you are right." Sayid did see Kelvin's point, as well as Daniel's.

Miles frowned. "That doesn't seem too smart," he said. "Haven't you heard the proverb about the house divided?" He looked at Kelvin. "We should all be here ready to fight."

Kelvin turned to him. "That is also a good point," he said. "We don't want to forget about other options though. Fighting might not be the best thing for us when it comes down to it."

"Having a map would still be advisable," Sayid replied. "We'll just have to trust Ben is not lying to us." He eyed Ben.

A call to arms (Richard, Tom)

Richard and Tom approached the area just outside the camp. Richard motioned for Tom to join him behind some tall bushes. "We should watch from here a bit before we make our move," he said. From where they were standing they could see most of the camp area. (But not all of it.) Richard was pretty sure they couldn't be seen. "I don't see anyone," he said. He didn't see Ben either. Things seemed calm in the camp. Too calm. It really seemed to be deserted. "I wonder if they have Ben somewhere else?" Richard said. That was certainly a possibility. He looked at the camp again. A few more minutes and then he would make his move.
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Trouble on the way (Kelvin, Sayid, Ben, everyone else)

Kelvin frowned and looked at Ben. He definitely didn't like the sound of that.
"How do we know you are speaking the truth?" Sayid asked. It sounded very far fetched to him.
"He is," Frank chimed in. He'd heard the last several minutes of their conversation.
Sayid looked at Frank.
"Dan here had to give me the exact coordinates to get here," Frank said, indicating Daniel Faraday. "If we'd gone any other way we wouldn't have made it in one piece. It's probably why Naomi's chopper crashed."
"Th- there's no doubt it's- it's why her chopper crashed," Daniel said.

Kelvin nodded. That sounded pretty convincing to him. "That's really good to know," he said. He didn't like to think of the trouble they might have been in without that knowledge. He looked at Ben. "Do you know the route we need to take to get off the island safely?" he asked.
Ben shook his head. "Unfortunately I don't," he replied. "Other people were in charge of that when we used the submarine."
"Okay," Kelvin said. He thought Ben was being honest here.
He turned to Frank and Daniel. "Do either of you know?" he asked. They had sounded like they knew something about it at least.
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Q & A (Sayid>Ben, Kelvin, etc...)

"Go on, get inside," Sayid directed, holding open the tent where Ben was to be kept.

Ben smirked at Sayid and walked into the tent. He held out his bound hands. "Are you going to remove these?" he asked.

"What do you think?" Kelvin replied.

Sayid had been about to say the same thing. when Kelvin beat him to the punch.

Ben frowned. "Of course you won't." He looked at Kelvin. "You will be sorry for this."

Kelvin smirked. "Your threats don't bother me." He looked at Ben. "You're just talking all this big talk to make up for some shortcomings in other areas."

Ben glared and balled his hands into fists. "I could also say the same about you," he said. He wanted to do more but couldn't while his hands were restrained.

Once Ben was inside, Sayid tied back the flaps to the tent and sat inside, as well. They'd decided to put Ben inside a tent after all, but sit just inside to keep an eye on him.
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Captive Pursuit (Kelvin, Miles, Sayid, Ben, Charlotte, Sawyer, everyone else)

"That's a good point," Kelvin replied. He knew very well that a prisoner's first job was to escape and he was sure Ben would take any chance he had to do that. "Simple restraints on the wrists should be sufficient," he added. He didn't see any reason to totally restrain Ben unless he gave them trouble. Sayid was pleased Kelvin agreed putting Ben in restraints was a wise choice. But he wasn't so sure simple restraints were sufficient. Ben was a sly one, after all. He thought for a moment. "We still could put him in a tent though. Unless you think it's better to have him sitting out here." Miles looked at Kelvin. "I'd say have him out here," he said. "Then we can be sure he doesn't try to pull anything." "Yes. Outside would be advisable," Sayid agreed. If he was outside where they could see him at all times, then simple restraints should be good enough.
"That's settled then," Kelvin replied. "We'll keep Ben out here." He was glad they were able to come to an agreement quickly on it. He looked around the area. "We could put him under the tree over there." He indicated where he had in mind. "That's close enough to watch him and it will give him some shade." He didn't think they had to be cruel to Ben. "I'll go and get him," he said.
"I'll come with you," Miles added. He thought someone else should be there in case Ben tried something.
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Live in the Moment (Helen>Karl)

"I'm glad you and dad want to get to know me after all this time." He still found that slightly amazing. It also did away with a lot of the hurt he had felt for being abandoned.

"Of course, we do. We never stopped wanting that," Helen assured her son.

Karl felt warm inside again. He was very glad to hear that. "I never stopped wanting to find you either," he said.

Helen smiled again. She'd never doubted that for a minute.

"I never thought it was really possible but I never stopped wishing it would happen." He ate another bite of salad. "This is actually better than anything I could have wished for."

"Me, too," Helen replied. "Me, too."

Karl smiled. "I guess Richard was right about how special this place is and how anything can happen here," he said. He had first been told that when he was quite little and he had never forgotten it.

Helen nodded. It certainly seemed that way.

"I'm certainly glad he was." He ate the last bite of his sandwich and wondered if they were almost ready for dessert.

"Yes, me, too," Helen repeated.
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The Noose Tightens (Sawyer>Kelvin, Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Frank and everyone else)

"I'll take the first watch, hoss," Sawyer finally said.

Kelvin nodded. "Okay. Sounds good," he said. He was glad Sawyer was making himself useful.

Sawyer nodded back at Kelvin, a bit surprised he didn't raise a stink.

"I'll take a shift too," Miles said. He was secretly hoping to get some time alone with Ben but he doubted Kelvin would allow that.

"Okay." Kelvin looked at him. "You won't be directly guarding Ben though." He had a pretty good idea of what was on Miles' mind and he wanted to nip it in the bud. (He also had to admit that he did have a point about pressing Ben. If he really thought Ben knew much of value he might have gone along with it. Luckily for Ben Kelvin believed he didn't know much about the coming threat.)

"What the hell?" Sawyer replied.

Miles frowned but didn't say anything else.

"Ben isn't our biggest concern right now," Kelvin said. "At least directly. Our biggest issue is keeping the camp safe from anyone coming from the compound." He looked at the group, focusing on Frank, Miles, Daniel, and Charlotte. "We also have to be thinking about your boys from the freighter and what they are going to do when they get here." He thought that was their number one priority.

"Hold up jus' a minute, King Kong," Sawyer interjected. "Ya' jus' said are biggest issue is keepin' the camp safe form anyone comin' from the compound an' they'll be comin' for Ben. So, why the hell wouldn't we be gaurdin' him?"

Kelvin looked at Sawyer. "I never said Ben would be left unguarded," he said. "There will be someone there. We just don't need the majority of our people doing that." He sipped some water.

Sawyer scowled, displeased with Kelvin's reply.

"He is just one person and he can't do anything at the moment. I can't say the same for the people who are coming though. That is why they are the more pressing concern." He realized they did have to keep an eye on Ben but still thought he was pretty much harmless.

"So, what ye'r really saying, Big Foot, is ya don' want me guardin' him."
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